2.0 uses some Java. This is evil apparently...

I was pleased to see that 2.0 now has a database and that that database is HSQL. This seems a practical choice as the feature was badly lacking and is good value for the limited resources available. It does mean that this feature and a couple of others require Java. Whilst doing a bit of searching I found this article on NewsForge and was stunned by the venom that some of the FOSS community has against Java.

I hadn't realised how strongly some people feel that all software should be 100% free and open source. Personally I regarded Java as 'free' in that it is free to use…but apparently i'm wrong and it is the devil incarnate. I am trying to understand the comment posters views, but it feels almost like a holy war. The issue is one of black and white….one commenter joked "Better never use the Windows version of…because that version requires a (gasp) proprietary OS. What sacrilege!" but this was still greeted by fundamentalism

I will try to keep an open mind.

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