data wants to be free...but not football fixtures

After the success of my World Cup Google Calendar I have an interest in football fixture data. There is currently a storm-in-a-teacup over this year's UK football fixtures. It seems that the Football Leagues are attempting to control and extract the value out of football information, including the fixture list. Fan sites such as Watford's Blind Stupid and Desperate have been persued for publishing next season's fixture list, to the point of their service provider being forced to block their site. It appears that licences are available to fan's, with a special rate for fanzines…..but only one fanzine per club. So, that's the "official unofficial club magazine" then! You can mention where the game on Saturday will be, but only in an editorial context, but "The provision of a listing of fixtures masquerading as an editorial piece is not acceptable."

So, I won't even be thinking about creating a Google Calender of the Premiership fixtures. I would be breaking copyright. It would have been a bit of a fag anyway. However….information wants to be free, it will take the path of least resistance and dissadent web sites will crop up. We'll see what happens!

This has a relevence to Developers as it is the first (?) example of someone protecting copyright of microcontent that i've seen.

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