geoUrl tagging non-tagged web pages

I have an idea for a small extension to Geourl maintain a database of web pages that are registered as containing an ICBM meta tag. I've tried to encourage various sites to add the geo meta tags, mainly so that I can play around with GIS stuff such a Google Maps. However, some/many sites don't have the time or inclination to do so. Maybe, rather than relying on site owners to goetag their pages it should be open to web users to do it? A simple solution would be to enable people to add an address plus a geocode to the geourl database and the info come out of the RSS as if it had the tags in the page.

The system could be friendly and offer the site owner information about their site, e.g. an email saying "you could add the following meta tags to page xxx.html…"

Peer review

I've also been thinking about an anti-spam measure where new submissions are sent to people whose geo location is near to the new one. They could then peer review the info and weed out spam.

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