Twitter builds community

I'm a big fan of Twitter and use it as a fine upstanding example of all things Web2.0. It is a very simple application that only really does one thing, it allows you to post "what are you doing right now" and tells you what your friends have written. At first, it didn't seem that interesting. I used it as a micro-blogging platform…a way to keep an audit trail of thoughts with any accompanying links. I could have used delicious, but I have never really fallen in love with it.

Over time, as my number of contacts increased i found that Twitter is achieving something cool. It is building community. A sizeable number of Brighton (and surrounding) new media types are regular Twitterers, and I feel that I know lots of them to the point where I consider them friends even if i've never physically met them. People regularly meet up for Twunch (Twitter-lunch) arranged on the spur of the moment. It's like a chatroom, but it's not quite, it's more like blogging. I say stuff in Twitter if I can express it in a single line, but I say stuff here in my blog if it's going to take longer to say it. With both I am pleased if I get a response, but I don't really write to get as many responses or hits as possible, I write to get the thought out of my system and down on (virtual) paper. The value of doing this publicly is that some of the comments are really interesting and helpful.

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