Widgety Goodness 2007

Went to a conference on widgets last week. Here are some of the memes that I picked up.

Chris Cunningham, Freewebs

Users have a voracious appetite for things to publish on their personal sites. If someone embeds a widget on their page then this serves to identify who they are to the widget and it can customise content. (Me…to myself) Value in the near-term is in honing your skills, but in the long term is through 'Engagement Marketing'. To be 'successful' widget must have a personal outcome and a purpose ##Russell Davies, Open Intelligence Agency "the more you know about me, the more it freaks me out". CRM can reach an uncanny valley point and scare the user. If you get something wrong when you personalise it, then it is really bad. Why personalise things that you don't have to? e.g. getting your name wrong on the hotel room's TV screen welcome message. "give me meaning, give me fun" ##Simon Andrews Viral doesn't work if you are just using as a cheap option. Traditional advertising methods will be needed to publicise the widgets. Traditional marketing agencies don't know what to do with them as it is low(er) spend + they are geared up to produce TV, print and/or large web sites. "It's time to experiment" ##Colm O'Connor, Joost Widgets are connected to 'the future of TV'….but I can't say what it is yet. There's something extremely interesting about Joost, but I can't put my finger on it. (me…to myself) ##Emmanuel Prat, Widgetavenue If you want to publish to multiple social networks then you probably need to use a Widget Distribution Platform. It's a Write-One-Read-Anywhere problem. WidgetAvenue wrappers your widget so that it works anywhere. don't do slides with green writing on white background. Especially when it is the most important line on the slide! (me…to myself) ##Matthew Trewhella, Google OpenSocial, is it a Widget Distribution Platform killer…or an enhancer? (me..to myself) ##Ankur Shah, Techlightenment The Dylan widget worked fantastically. Required zero advertising after being seeded to close (influentual?) friends first. Interesting that the growth rate was not exponential. leads me to think that it had a viral index of 1 (on average, every recipient sent it on to one person) ##Alex Bard, yourminis Widgets can be classed as 'expression widgets' or 'consumption widgets' 'Expression widgets' just say something about the user. They are the 'new car sticker'. They tend to have a shorter lifespan as they don't generally involve any interaction. 'Consumption widgets' have a purpose, such as a weather feed, and may have a longer lifespan. 'Virality' is the index of how many people pass it on. To be called 'highly viral' your widget wants to have an index of 2-3 (i.e. on average every recipient passes it on to 2-3 friends). ##Ori Soen, Musestorm Widget usage should be measured in detail. If it's a video then: how many people pressed play; how many people paused the video; how many people quit; etc. A widget can be thought of a bit like a microsite Once the widget is on a users site you can (and most definitely should) update it with new content. Monitor engagement carefully, learn and optimise. The design of the UI matters a lot, it should lead users to engage (me…to myself) A Flash widget is still just a banner. Musestorm doesn't wrapper widgets, it generates native apps for each platform. ##Khris Loux, js-kit SEO: how does you widget interact with indexing engines? lots of other interesting stuff that went over my head (me..to myself) ##Steve Touhill, Clearspring Types of widgets usages lead to different window sizes: social net (400300), start page (300250), blog (skyscraper banner), ad (banner) You can't pop out of MySpace Seed widgets on fan sites Track generational leads (people who got it from someone else) as well as people who got it from the source Use other channels to plug your widget Keep content fresh or your widget will be removed. It takes up real estate.

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