Team workspace vs getting too comfy

My team moved from one of our office buildings to the other last week. The move was forced on us, so didn't go down too well with the team, but sometimes these things have to happen as there is limited space. I would have preferred to stay physically close to game developers as I believe that the social web will be harder to integrate with what they do than with Marketing who are generally happy to accept that anything that gives the product more exposure is good. The next big challenge for Marketing is how to measure and analyse the effectiveness of social web features, game devs will probably be involved with the nuts and bolts of implementation.

I am feeling a sudden return of the desire to blog because I am currently stuck on my sofa with a sprained ankle. The peace and quiet is glorious and i've been able to think for the first time since moving offices. I guess that i'll start to work at home a bit more. My ultimate plan is that when I get a bigger house so that my whole team can move out of the office for a day a week.

It's important to have a team workspace, a sense of home. The move was good in one way because it triggered a redesign. I felt re-energised by a change of environment (immediately counteracted by the new distraction levels) and now I am interested in how often a team should change desks. I get the feeling that you can get too comfy staying in one place for too long. But how long is too long? Maybe we should all switch desks at a regular interval?

The enforced peace and quiet of home has also let my catch up on my reading. I've finished "FastSOA: The way to use native XML technology to achieve Service OrienteD Architecture governance, scalability and performance" by Frank Cohen and am now reading "The Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb which was a free gift from Penguin (thank you Penguin!) at last Saturday's Interesting2008

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