The Urban Web

Just listened to a talk from Steven Johnson from talking about "The Urban Web" at dConstruct 2008, a web conference in Brighton, UK.

He started by talking about an infamous cholera outbreak in Broad Street, London in the 1800s originating from a water pump. This outbreak is famous because John Snow produced a map displaying the location and number of deaths, along with a line that showed where it was easier to go to the Broad Street pump than another pump. This data visualisation was referenced in Tufte's famous book. have been working on a set of tools to identify posts/tweets/news about local geographical places and tag them with geo position. In this way, you could view the web as a local resource rather than a global one, for example by seeing all of the information posted about central Brighton.

I was interested in his vision of a local web for local people, something that we i've been musing about for game worlds as well as real-life worlds.

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