read "The Best Software Writing 1 - Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky"

I've finished reading The Best Software Writing 1 - Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky and firmly believe that it should be on every Developer's bookshelf. Highlights for me were:

It also made me think about…

Unlimited Book Budget

Something that I have believed in for a long time is that companies should encourage Developers to buy and read as many textbooks as they like. Compared to sending someone on a training course the cost is minimal, but the benefits are huge. Most Devs that I know are bored by courses which regurgitate a manual at them, don't like the structure of taught courses (run or attend an All Day Coding Dojos instead!), and feel that it is a waste of money. I might attend a course about something really new, like grails, if it were provided by someone very well connected with the project.

Also, don't limit yourself to books from the Computing section. There are loads of books about how people think, react to the outside world, can be influenced, and got to be here, that could give vital insight into the human condition.

The Computing Section in Brighton and Hove Library

I love the new library, but the Computing Section suxxors. There are loads of old books on Powerpoint v1, Access 2, etc. which make it look like they've raided a second-hand book store or a jumble sale. I realise that language textbooks go out of date fairly quickly, but there a lots of books that don't…like "The Best Software Writing 1 - Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky". I think that i'm going to put an Amazon list together and ask the BNM list for their recommendations too. I'd love to be able to approach the library and give them a list of relevant titles to buy, or maybe the Brighton New Media industry could sponsor a title each?

Interactive bookshelf

I was thinking about how I might show the booklist on this blog and thought about an interactive bookshelf…which looking back in time was actually my very first web page back in 1992 for an Intranet that I built…now, i'm sure that i've got a CD of it somewhere…

How about you dear reader? Do you have any recommendations for books that any proud Dev should have access to?

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