Over The Air 2009

I went to the Over The Air 2009 conference on Friday/Saturday, which was about mobile development. My highlights were:

*lots of interest in Google Android development. *Augmented Reality (AR) was very big… e.g. superimposing information on the view seen through the camera a la http://www.wikitude.org/ and mentions of things similar to invizimals (has already been used to market Transformers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzB4mIPdm9k) *lots of stuff about widget platforms that can run stuff on any phone *Paul Coulton gave a talk about mobile gaming. Stressed the difference between play (rule-based) and playfulness (loose rules, made-up play) and that mobile was ideally suited for the latter, i.e. a shoot-em-up would be less effective than a social game that gave room for the player to add imagination or their own rules. *Animatics for prototype: I saw an interesting talk by Bryan Rieger about a simple prototyping tool that they had built which used images and flows between states to make a simple working model. I think that this would be much more useful for simple game design than wireframes are. *Inoue Makoto's Friend Hangman http://friendhangman.com/ was my favourite app. Guess the Twitter name of someone using the conference hashtag, after all, they should be your friend by now ;) After a couple of fails it gives you one of their tweets as a clue, then half of their profile photo.

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