Create “transparent” technologies

So, here is my my first blog post for Urgent Evoke, a new Social Innovation 'game'. The Innovation In Africa Tips post had a number of good points, some of which are relevant to all good design for the future and not just in Africa. The one that stood out for me is Create “transparent” technologies as technology is my thing. My Physics teacher used to say "Physics is simple, if you're finding it complicated then you are doing it wrong". My Design teacher used to tell me, "don't just make it, make it beautiful" and I see that the beauty in good technology is when it does something great whilst appearing simple.

As to blogging on, wouldn't it have been better for me to write this on my own blog out there on the internet so that the word will spread? It isn't quite beautiful, but it is simple and achieves a higher goal than just getting me to understand.

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