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I'm working with some European data at the moment, part of which is POI data for "nearest hospital", "nearest educational facility", etc. and the data is quite poor. I suspect that it originally sourced from NavTec and hence "Yellow Books". I also suspect that the data in OpenStreetMap will be orders of magnitude more accurate.

My first port of call was to examine the attributes used in OSM. To do this I download an area of central Dublin into JOSM and look at the raw data. Taking hospitals as an example I can quickly see that these are encoded in three different ways:

I've then taken a look at SpatiaLite which is a really lightweight file-based database server. This would be great for packaging with an app, but is also good for quick experiments. I may need to go up to PostGIS if it isn't up to the job.

I downloaded the spatialite-gui binary for Windows, unzipped it and ran it.

From GeoFabrik I downloaded


In the SpatialLite GUI I created a new database and then went to "Load Shapefile", I picked a .shp file from my downloaded data and set the SRID to 4326 (which is the id in the spatial_ref_sys table for WGS-84) and the charset to UTF-8. It then imported in a matter of seconds. This gave me a sql table that I could query using extra functions such as Distance()

I got a WGS-84 lat/lon for my search point by right-clicking on Google Maps and doing a "Drop LatLng Marker" (I can't remember whether this is an opt-in feature). I have since worked out that SpatialLite expects the coordinated to be the other way round: lon/lat and not lat/lon.

SELECT ROWID, "PK_UID", "osm_id", "name", "type"
, Distance("Geometry" ,GeomFromText('POINT(-6.2626 53.34942)'))*100000 AS dist
FROM "points"
WHERE "type" = "hospital"

gives me a result set starting with: osmid=641802162, name=Dublin Dental Hospital, distance 1289m

When I query the buildings I get: osmid=51776450, name=NULL, distance 261m…which is the first building of the Rotunda Maternity Hospital.

What I don't know is where to get hold of the area data. Is it in the road shapefile?! I think not. So where would it be?

Enrico Zini's post Importing OSM nodes into Spatialite

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