My first 'web' site, 1987

Burtsoft Issue 5 I was just recounting to my colleague Steve about building my first web site in 1987. Oh, okay, by 'recounting' I mean 'showing off', but hey what is blogging for if it isn't for a bit of self trumpeting?! Back in time, I learnt that knowledge is power and that timeliness is key. We had discovered that BBC Micros had a teletext-like character set that you could use to create pages that could be viewed from any computer on the school computer network, so I built a music 'web' site. I wasn't alone in this, I was competing against the guy who wrote the Amcom (I'm guessing it is short for 'Amersham' Computing) game Fortress who is obviously far, far cleverer than I am. Radio 1 used to have a sneak preview of the music charts on the radio on Tuesday (?) mornings but not many people would get to hear it, so I would scribble down the top 10 and publish it on the school network at lunchtime. This was vital information to schoolboys and got me the lead in the site battle. According to the plaque the world wide web started in 1989. I think anyone is going to be hard-pushed to beat 1987 for their first site.

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