simple audio blogging

I've been planning to add some simple audio blogs to our company web site. In particular, short one-on-one interviews which will probably be held at the interviewees premises. My first thought was to use an electronic dictaphone or even use the iPhone Record app.

We tried out a dictaphone and the results were pretty good. The unit itself was pretty cheap �50-60 and it is very portable. The sound quality wasn't bad, but as with all audio you have to be careful of background noise.

Friends from the BNM list suggested a number of things:

"I'd recommend a decent microphone. I've got a Samson CO30 USB microphone and it seems really good. It's not massively expensive (£100) and the USB interface means you can plug it into something like a laptop or even an iPad (via the camera connection kit). With a laptop you can record directly in something like Audacity (free) and use that to edit your recording."

"use an Edirol recorder- cheap, portable, stereo and portable. Excellent results too.!"

The other question was whether I should I host the files on our Wordpress site, or the audio equivalent of YouTube?

"Audioboo is pretty good for that sort of thing: I'm sure there'll be plugins for Wordpress to pull in the audio from there."

"AudioBoo might be a good option. I'm sure they'll host it for you for free depending on the length of recordings (up to 5 mins is free per recording). Plus you can embed the individual players."

"Soundcloud might be worth a look for hosting the audio."

"Host it wherever seems best for your needs. If you're not going to get a huge number of downloads then your own servers will be fine. If you expect a large number of downloads then something like SoundCloud or some sort of Amazon CDN might be better."

"Check out You can broadcast live then save it directly to wherever you want. Works on PC / Mac / iPhone."

"The other benefit of using another service is SEO - it will increase your ranking with more links and keywords to your company site."

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