Death to the TLA!

During our integration into the Landmark fold I have noticed the number of TLAs, three letter acronyms, that we use. It might save [tiny snippets of] time when everyone knows what you are talking about, like department names or dataset names, but when you are new it can be confusing. It's even worse because a new person might be embarrassed to ask what the letters stand for. The acronyms also help to obfuscate meaning as they allow casual use of a long complicated term.

We found a great way to counter them. You could and should do the same.

ACTION: In meetings, if anyone uses a three-letter acronym then 'yellow card' them mid-flow. Hold up a yellow post-it, say "yellow card", it depends how rude you can be. Make them use the long form.

The result is strangely fun, and useful.

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