Pin the person on the orgchart

​For the company annual review I had to do a presentation to all the Brighton staff. I wanted to make a point to them that everyone in Argyll is now part of the larger mothership known as Landmark. So, I made a little game.

Now, how many of you know absolutely everybody in Landmark? All the new starters, everyone in Godalming?, Brighton? Here is what I did:

  1. printed out the org chart and arranged it on a wall. It took a bit of shuffling around and blutack.

Pin the person on the org chart

  1. printed out a list of names and job titles from a selection of people. Cut them into paper strips and put them in a hat​

Pin the person on the org chart

  1. passed the hat round and got everyone to pick one
  2. got them all on their feet at the same time to go and stick the name in the right place on the chart. Asking other people was allowed.

Pin the person on the org chart

They all seemed to really enjoy it, and I think that it was educational.

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