following the maxims with mini web servers

​​Thinking about the DMGI Maxim of "HTTP RESTful API's (using JSON) will serve all data and core transactions - the same api's will serve internal application requirements and external partners" I've been looking for a tiny C# web server to add to our production 'robots'. Each robot would then have some standard api objects like logs, jobs, and report counts that could be queried on-the-fly.

​Internally, we use a lot of XML. In my hobby project I am now moving towards 'everything in GeoJson' whenever possible. This works nicely because geo things can be hooked into maps at any time really easily.

Project Katana​ looks like a good candidate.​ might have worked, but I would prefer a more mainstream development.

and some people have implemented simple REST

​There doesn't appear to be native JSON parsing, but Json.NET looks viable​

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