User Experience of a redesigned report

​We are reaching the end of the redevelopment of the Energy and Infrastructure report. Part of this was about adopting the new graphic style guide.

The style guide involves user interface elements such as better icons, a standard report structure, a single colour of orange for the whole of Landmark (!).

It also introduces the 'understanding this report' page which should echo the summary on the product brief, i.e. who is this report designed for? what will it tell them?…seems obvious, but it isn't something that has been done much before.

We are now doing some UX 'corridor testing'. That's when you stop someone in the corridor and get them to look at your product and give some immediate feedback. We have asked a number of people to select an address that they know (their house, their Mum's, etc.) and we'll give them a sample report.

The discussion we had this morning was about how we ask for the replies. We know that we want to keep it light and easy to respond to, and also acknowledge that the questions we choose and how we ask them also strongly affect the outcome. Questions could be open or closed, and could focus on the negatives or the positives. Ultimately we want to know whether people actually understood what the report is trying to convey to them.

Seeing as this is the first time we've done this, we have opted to keep it very simple. We are going to split the respondent group in two and ask them slightly differently. We can then see what works.

Many thanks to Leon for sharing this video aboutr survey design..

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