attended Coaching Skills presentation

​​We had a guest speaker from Brighton Technical College to talk about basic coaching skills. His experience was mostly from call centres but it highlighted how a 'coaching culture' could be introduced. The idea being that individual coaching can lead to high performance and strong personal growth.

The coach themself doesn't have to be an expert in the subject. They are there to lead the coachee to their own insights. The aim being for each person to have better self awareness and be able to build on this.

For coaching to work, the goals need to follow SMART. The main thing being the measurability. A simple document can be used to track actions from previous session, feedback, and new actions. These will then act as evidence for the coachee and also for the coach.

A call centre is very much based around measurability and targets so it is easier to tell whether someone is doing what the company wants. Other industries may find it harder to identify relevant measures. I also worry that hard-to-measure things like 'happiness' might be skipped, but in reality it means working hard to find measures.

My takeaway was that i'd like to start holding coaching sessions and that I would definitely like someone else within my team or the rest of Argyll to act as my coach.

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