attended ProductTank Brighton 3

​​​I went to a Meetup for Product Managers last night and heard some interesting stuff.

Kew Gardens and iBeacon

Jon Little, Digital Product Manager, Kew talked about Kew's Apple iBeacon Project. Beacons can be used to send small bursts of data to Bluetooth phone users. They've used QR codes previously and ironicly it led to people treading on the plants in order to scan the codes. They are trying to make use of the large quantity of data on their Content Management System. However, the technology is leading the solution. They don't know for sure what people actually want from the experience of visiting Kew. There have been comments that the real joy is in getting lost.

Withdrawing products from the market

Monika Turska, Product Manager, Adaptavist talked about lessons learned from withdrawing products and features from the market. They build popular Jira Agile plugins. There are benefits from culling products and you need to do it for the positive reason that it enables you to focus more effort on the new/popular/profitable stuff. It shouldn't just be for cost cutting.

Text Analytics

Chris Banks, Director, Orpheus Technology talked about Text Analytics. This is how to turn text into insights. It's important to not overlook data that is unstructured​. Contr

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