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Dogs Playing Poker statuette

Crystal Palace athletics

IMG_0389.MOV Had a good day at Crystal Palace athletics. Always a good meet because it's the athletes last chance to practice before the World Championships (in Korea). Phillips Idowu set a good opening distance in the triple jump but was eclipsed by two others. Lisa Dobrisky won her race and other Brits managed A-rated times in order to help their late selection for the Worlds.

Fox frolic

IMG_0332.MOV The foxes were having a fine old time racing round next door's garden

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Deer Hoof Cheeseboard

Found this in Snoopers' Paradise. Truly tacky.

More stolpersteine


Found two more of the stolpersteine on my way back to the hotel. Any #wceu people who see any commemorative plaque on your travels on Berlin please photograph and add to Flickr with a Creative Commons licence so that we can add to just tag it openplaques:todo=add

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Censored map of Kashmir

On the way to WhereCampEU I took this pic of a map in The Economist that was censored by the Indian government (go look it up)

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Bad taste hanging basket

Not that offensive, but still quite frankly dodgy…looks a bit like Monkey from the Tetley Tea ads

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Bad taste leopardskin shoes in TK Maxx

Phew! Saw these in TK Maxx. I wonder why they were in the sale?!

Fox cubs on a trampoline


Woke to these two and their two siblings playing on the neighbour's trampoline. There was some small bouncing going on.

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Bad taste gardener badger

"Now", I thought to myself, "what is it that my garden is missing? I know, a gardening badger!"….perhaps not.

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Cat planter

How best to start off a new blog space? Why not a photo of a lovely cat planter I found at the garden centre. Other posts on this blog will be more serious, but I hope to beat this for bad taste.

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