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I built my first 'web' site in 1987 using the teletext-like character set of the BBC Micro to publish the Top 40 every Tuesday morning. I listened to the chart rundown just before school and rushed to transcribe it and be read on the computer network by first break.

This new incarnation is a personal diary system keeping track of books I have read, events I have attended, or even spoken at. The content is written in text files and sotred in github so that I own my personal content. It is written in Markdown text and run through a customised Ruby Middleman static html generator. The resulting html is easy to host on github pages and less hackable than a Content Management System. Layout is made responsive by using Bootstrap 4.

Somebody once told me, "when you work for yourself, people are only interested in what you've done in the last 6 months" and I think that they were right. This added to Maria Kondo equals my latest approach, which is that posts older than 6 months are deleted. I could rewrite them if I really want to keep them. We will see.

Jez Nicholson

I grew up with technology. Taking things apart to see how they worked. I love to design and build new products. I've designed and built the software that helped companies to earn millions of pounds. I have the fairly rare combination of technical ability and being able to see the business big picture.

I am passionate about Product Management, User Experience, and human-centred ways of managing teams. I have a strong interest in Open Data and presented the Open Data Institute Friday Lunchtime Lecture. I even provide open data to the Ordnance Survey from my Open Plaques project.

My hero is Richard Feynman. He made me believe that anything is possible and to believe in people. I like to build teams based on trust and motivation. It will only ultimately work if you value people over personal gain.

I occasionally speak at conferences

I've worked in a variety of sectors: environmental risk assessment; online games; hospitality; e-learning; oilfield services; FMCG; direct marketing; charity; and travel.

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